A downloadable game for Windows

Sixteen is a visual novel based on a strange encounter.

You play as Billie who has just turned 16. She gets on the train only for her estranged mother to get on a stop later. How will she react? Will she reconcile with her mother, or will she decide to ignore her for the rest of her life?

I'm hoping to maybe add my own backgrounds and art after the game jam. I would also like to experiment with coding a lot more as I did minimal coding, as I'm not the greatest or experienced coder. As it is, it's passable and still enjoyable.

Install instructions

Download the .rar, extract the file and use the .exe to start the game.


Sixteen.rar 111 MB


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This has potential as realistic story of family reconciliation and its matter from both parties, but unfortunately is rather poor in its delivery. The characters are a bit lack on expression, and there is error in which Billie's image suddenly multiple herself on the screen, then covering the message written at the ending, and the multiplied image reapparing when I start the New Game (without closing it) (^^ ")